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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fat Free Roast Potatoes

I love roastie's but it is something that can ruin a diet or healthy eating plan. It is possible to have your roastie & eat it. Though they are not quite the same as a gorgeous crispy roast potato they are better than nothing.
This is for people who either have never had to try & lose some weight or those who just never thought of doing this.
 If you are serious about watching your fat intake or losing weight give them a try

Peel & part boil potatoes. After draining them give them a careful shake in the colander to break the outside a little, this will make them a little crispier.
Line a baking tray with something non stick (I used foil) spray this with a low cal cooking spray. Tip potatoes on this & space them out a little. Now spray them with the cooking spray (you can also sprinkle them with salt to help with the crisping but I don't as we watch the old arteries :-)
Roast as normal, keeping an eye on the colour, you don't want to burn them!

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