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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pork Biryani, Low Fat

Loving the spicy food when I am on a diet. Its like lying to my brain so I feel naughty & full. I even get the return munchies & have to keep dipping into the pan to eat the left overs!
This recipe can be enjoyed with or without the curry powder or chili. Without it has a gorgeous ginger zing on the tongue & the smell is lovely, so enjoy whichever way you cook it.

2 Onions chopped
4 cloves Garlic, chopped
Low cal cooking spray or wipe the pan with a little oil on a piece of kitchen roll
1 inch Root ginger
2 eggs
Boiled rice
Frozen peas, corn, Green beans
Cooked Carrots, Courgette small chopped, Green beans
1/4 pint strong chicken stock. if you are using frozen veg
2 tbsp Soy sauce
1 tbsp Curry powder or some chili flakes
Fresh ground black pepper
Peel & chop ginger into small pieces, chop the onion & garlic small.
Boil rice. Don't let the rice cook too much
Remove all visible fat from the pork & cut the pork into thin strips, then cut the strips into small pieces so you have something very small but more substantial than minced meat.
In a large deep pan/wok sprayed or wiped with oil brown off the pork & cook till tender.
In another fry pan, cook the onions, garlic & ginger for a couple of mins then crack in the eggs & scramble it through the mix. Add this to the pork stir through, then add the stock & frozen veg & cook till veg is done, skip this if you are using fresh cooked vegetables.
Stir the fresh cooked vegetables, rice, Curry powder (or chili flakes to taste) & cook for 5 mins
Season with black pepper & stir in the soy sauce.
Serve cold as a salad, it's scrummy

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