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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Butternut Squash Soup

Mmmmm love, love, love this soup, very similar to the pumpkin soup maybe a smoother creamier texture.
It freezes well, I make two or three batches in one. I save enough for a starter, & lunch over a couple of days & freeze the rest in individual & dinner party portions. This batch is made from Butternut's we grew last year just as we are planting for this years crop. I recommend them as a crop, they are easy to grow, rend a large crop & can be stored for months :-) At the moment other than soup I am roasting them & mashing them, yummy!!!!!
I love the fact that I can batch cook & freeze Butternut as I love them & its great to be able to enjoy them even after the fresh nut has been used up. Lovely!

2 lg Butternut squash, peeled de-seeded & chopped into bite size thick chunks
1 -2 red Onions chopped small
6 cloves Garlic crushed & chopped
2 Potatoes peeled & chopped small
2 ltr Chicken Stock
2-3 tsp Curry powder
1 tsp Home ground Chilli or powder
Cracked pepper to taste
Salt & Black pepper
Spray a large stock pot with low cal cooking spray or use 1 tblsp oil. Heat & add onion & garlic. Cook a couple of minutes. Add the potato, stir in then add pumpkin & curry powder, stir & cook for a couple of minutes. Add chilli powder & pour in stock, stir. Cook covered, on a low simmer for an hour. You can cook for less but the flavour is better if you do it for longer.

Blend the soup till smooth & taste. Adjust the cracked pepper & curry powder if needed. Blend a little after each addition. Makes a lovely thick & creamy soup
You can add Sage or Rosemary, if you wish

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