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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chicken Dinner In A Pot, low fat

I am all for one pot cooking, its certainly easy & I can add extra veg if I like but its not necessary. Easy on the purse & easy on the figure.
I have a long line of quick recipes that are filling & nutritious, from my days of owning & running a busy town centre shop & not getting home till 7.30pm. I mean who in their right mind wants to start cooking then, but needs must with a husband who had a heart attack I have to cook from scratch for a healthy lifestyle!
Try this easy to prepare recipe, then while its cooking you can relax.

Chicken drumsticks or legs, skin removed
12 Cloves Garlic crushed
1 Onion cut into quarters
4 carrots roughly chopped
2 Courgette's sliced
1 tsp Tarragon
3/4 - 1 pint Chicken stock
2 tsp Dried celery (optional)
New potatoes skin on or old potatoes cut small, skin on
Salt & pepper
Low cal cooking spray or a little oil wiped over pan
Brown the chicken, add garlic to pan while browning.
Add all the other ingredients then stir in the stock & season to taste.

Bring to the boil, turn down, cover & simmer for one hour
That's it!


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