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Monday, 18 October 2010

Traditional Bulgarian Banitza (Bahnitza) or Cheese Pie!

Banitza is one of the most eaten dishes here in Bulgaria. You can buy it everywhere, eat it hot or cold & it has many varieties of filling but most traditional is the cheese banitza. I have waited almost two years to make it because I didn't have a proper pan & didnt want to fudge it up. It is eaten as breakfast, main meal, dessert & a snack. I have had many, some have been dreadfull while others amazing. For dessert I have been given cheese banitza spinach banitza & pumpkin banitza.
I am pleased to say my recipe turned out to be amazing! If you like cheese you will love this. Why not use your favourite cheese instead of these & let me know how it turns out!

1 pk Filo pastry (you can also use the puff filo)
200gr Kashkaval or yellow cheese such as cheddar, chopped into small pieces
500gr Sirene cheese or Feta
7 eggs
100gr butter/margarine
1/2 cup Lemonade
1 cup Milk (you can also use yoghurt)
Preheat oven 200c or fan 180c

Mix 6 eggs blobs of butter/margerine, crumbled sirene & kashkaval cheeseswith the milk.

In a large buttered pan lay 3 leaves of filo greasing each piece before the next.

then spoon in a layer of the mixture. continue with this layering, doing three layers in all. Finishing with a layer of filo.

Lightly whisk the remaining egg  pour in the lemonade & pour the whole lot over the pastry making sure to get it all wet

Bake for 40 minuets or until golden

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