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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Saucy Apple Peach & Plum No Onion Chutney

Chutney is my new favourite thing to make & eat & I enjoy the fact you can make your own recipes easily & they work! I always thought people who made chutneys were something special but that is rubbish, its so easy, its a shame I have wasted years not making them! Well now I have so much fresh produce to hand its great making all these lovely flavoursome jars of fruit & veg mixes. I just need the room now to store them!
This is a lovely fruity chutney its a bit runny but makes a beautiful sauce to have with meat or salads.  Especially nice with Banitza.
This recipe uses Garlic instead of onion as I am intolerant but you can use onions instead!

Fruit to weigh total of 6lb
500ml Apple vinegar
1tbsp Ginger
2tsp Cinnamon
2tsp 5 Spice
1tsp Nutmeg
500gr Sugar
5 heads of Garlic,  if you are not intolerant use 1lb onions instead.
2tsp Salt
 Peel core & chop the apple, de stone the peaches & plums & chop these too. In a very large pan combine all the fruit spices garlic salt & vinegar, cook till fruit has softened, mashing the fruit on the sides of the pan so its smoother.

Add the sugar & stir till it has disolved bring to boil slowly then simmer till thickened & you can see the bottom of the pan when you run a spoon through it.

 Pour into sterilised bottles with plastic lids & seal for at least two months more if possible as chutneys get better with age. I always end up with a small jar of leftovers & have this if I cant wait for it to mature :-)


  1. I am in the middle of cooking the recipe ( 2 1/2 hrs so far ) it's thickening ok . The preparation took me about 3 hrs as I hand chop everything . I like this kind of recipe and your comments about life in Bulgaria as I spent 12 yrs living and working in your next door neighbour Romania . When I arrived there was no Supermarkets and the only place to acquire produce was the local open market . This started me making pickles & chutneys ready for the winter period . This sounds similar to your good self .
    Keep the recipes coming

  2. Just finished jarring up . The recipe made 9 of 8oz jars plus a taster . It tastes beautiful and is already thickening nicely as it cools . The only problem , if you can all it that , was 31/2 hrs hand preparation time and 4hrs simmering . But I honestly think that it was worth it. I enjoy making chutney , pickles etc as I lived and worked in your neighbour country , Romania , for 12 yrs and it was important to use things when you could get them. Keep giving beautiful recipes . Don

  3. Hi Don Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Yes it takes so much time, I too hand chop it takes an age but is so worth it and is made with that little extra ingredient, love. Great to hear from a man who enjoys making chutneys and jams. I hope your chutney is delicious! I bet your life was really interesting in Romania.
    Jo x

  4. Hi Joanna,
    I too am intolerant to onion, which includes all the alumni family for me which makes it all the more difficult to add flavour.
    Last year I had some success with your chutney, but my wife says I should not have used as much sugar as I did. This year I will try again.
    There doesn't seem much "up to date" material on your site, is it still live? I hope so.
    I look foreward to your reply.