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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Spicy Fruity Chutney (no onion)

I can't eat onion, well I can, but I suffer big time for it! I love onions but they have decided after 40 odd years of being my friend they would start to attack me. It's difficult, you don't realise how much they play a part in cooking till you have this problem. I now use lots of garlic in everything I cook as, thank goodness, they are still ok. Finding chutney with no onions is impossible, but why???? I promise you will not notice the difference if you pack it full of flavours & I am not just talking about spiciness, as in this one. All my chutneys are without onion but a couple of heads of crushed garlic does the trick just as well, try them, then let me know :-)
I'm looking forward to having this at Christmas.
You can off course exchange the garlic for onion if you so wish.
2 Garlic heads
2-3lb Marrow, de seeded & peel & chop small
2-3lb Pears, pealed seeded & chopped sml
2-3lb Apples, peeled seeded & chopped sml
1-1.5 Pints Vinegar, dark
1lb Sugar
2tsp Allspice
1tsp Pepper
1tsp Cayenne pepper
2tsp Cinnamon
Peel core & chop the fruit & vegetables very small. Crush & chop the garlic. Put everything in a large pan with the vinegar & spices but NOT the sugar.
Bring to the boil & then simmer till everything is soft & press on the sides of the pan with a spoon to make a softer chutney. Add the sugar, salt & pepper now & stir in till it has all dissolved. Continue to simmer but stirring very frequently, as now is when it can stick & burn. Keep a close eye on it now.
The chutney is ready when a channel remains after drawing a wooden spoon through it.
Pour into clean & sterile jars, seal & leave to mature for at least 6-8 weeks but 3 -4 months is better as not only will the vinegar taste die down but all the spices & flavours will meld together more.

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