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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cirene Po Shopski

A traditional Bulgarian earthenware pot, dish.
This is the first time I have made this dish & it was really lovely, I will definitely be cooking it a lot more to have with all sorts of things
Can be served with chips to dip into it, which will make it a Bulgarian version of egg & chips, or as a side to meat, sausage, kufte & kebabche.
I served this with chicken drumsticks but next time I think I will cook the chicken & add it to the pot under the top layer of cheese, Mmmmm reminds me of a dish I used to cook years ago with chicken & cheese, very scrummy.
Ingredients are approximate; Serves 4.  Halve for two servings
400g Cirene or Feta cheese, chopped small.
150g Cheddar or yellow cheese, grated.
4 eggs.
2 Chilli, chopped sml or a little sprinkle of dried in each pot, optional.
2-4 Tomatoes sliced.
2-4 Roasted Peppers.
Chubritza or Oregano
4 Gyuveche pots with lids
Put a layer of crumbled or chopped cirene cheese in the bottom of the pots, then add peppers, sliced tomato, chubritsa & chilli, if you choose. Finally add the grated cheddar cheese on the top, place lids on the pots & bake in pre heated oven 180c (160c fan) for 20 minuets till the cheese has melted.
Break an egg on the top, replace the lid & cook till the egg is cooked to your liking.
We have ours hard

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