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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Spicy Chilli Beef

One of my favourite recipes for the winter & today I am grinding all this years chillie's to spice up winter food. Good recipe for those who can't stand kidney beans. Easy for those of us who enjoy good food but life too. Great for when you have been out or working all day & want to entertain friends but are too tired to put in a lot of cooking time!

1 x Onion finely sliced
1 x clove of garlic or if no onion half a head. Crushed & chopped
1 x Green pepper de seeded & chopped
1 x tbsp Sunflower oil or Frylight
250g Minced beef
2tsp Coriander
2tsp Ground Cumin
1tsp dried Chillie's ground
1/2tsp Oregano
Lg Jar or can chopped Tomatoes
1 Beef stock cube
7g Fresh Coriander
Freshly ground Blk pepper & rock/sea salt (if you grind rock/sea salt you get more flavour & use less)
Heat oil & add garlic & onion, if using, & fry for aprox 5 mins. Stir in mince brown then add spices & oregano. Mix well, add tomatoes, peppers & stock cube. Sir then season &cover simmer for 20 mins. While simmering chop coriander & add to mince.
Serve with rice.

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