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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Domatena Soupa or Tomato Soup

Every house in villages all over Bulgaria grow tomatoes & you will see in season beautiful tomatoes line the streets fill the markets big & juicy small round oval all shapes & sizes but fresh as you can get! Many things are made from these delectable little fruits they are preserved in jars made into a special Bulgarian sauce & I make lovely soups for winter warmth I also when I have the freezer room & the crop chop them fresh from the vine & freeze for use in mince sauce & chilli con carne. You will see Bulgarians with carrier bags overflowing with tomatoes coming from the markets even when they grow their own they never seem to have enough!
Easy peasy recipe for fresh tomato soup which tastes delicious & can be aded to if wished ie roasted peppers can be added I prefer the honest taste of the tomatoes!
I dont use weights & measures for this so just fudge it, you can't go wrong, but I will find a recipe with weights & put it underneath!

This is my recipe......
Garlic minced
Sunflower Oil for Bulgarian flavour or Olive oil
Basil dried or marjoram
Thyme dried
Salt to taste
Chicken stock
White Pepper
Onion diced & cook with garlic (I dont use onion as I cant tolerate it)

Mince or chop & crush the garlic
Chop the tomatoes small take out the hard bit inside
Mix up 2 pints or more of Chicken stock, use a good stock cube not a cheapie!

Heat sunflower oil in large pan & saute garlic. Add tomatoes herbs, stock & pepper simmer for 20 mins
If the tomatoes are not very sweet then add some sugar, I didnt need to.
Blend soup with a stick blender or pop into the processor & give it a few blasts.
Add some milk or cream when serving.
Freezes well, if freezing do not add the milk or cream
See I told you, can't get easier than that!!!!!!!

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