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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Italian Grape Cake

Oh my goodness this is theeeeee best cake EVER!!!! Thats if you like grapes of course.

Our grapes vines are mixed with both red, white, sweet and dry. I use the sweet red to make this cake and it is gorgeous. Its originally from the Italian vineyard area's of believe it or not, Italy  :-)
My mum gave me this recipe, its one she procured years ago on her travels there, when not many people had travelled to destinations outside England ooh many moons ago. I fell in love with this cake the first time she made it and it has been my all time fave ever since along with the rest of the family. So this is my mums recipe, made now from my own vineyard,  it brings me lovely memories every time I make it. My husband never had it till we moved here as it was always my mums special cake but with our vineyard I had to make it, it's now his favourite too along with the Yabulka! (Apple)
I hope you enjoy this recipe, if you like grapes then I guarantee you will adore this cake, it's really moist!

12oz black grapes
Heaped tsp baking powder
7oz Margarine
7oz Caster sugar
4 Eggs
12oz SR Flour
First you need to de seed the grapes, unless you have bought seedless of course!
Cream together sugar and fat.
Add 1 egg at a time with 2oz of the flour till its all mixed in.
add baking powder then grapes mix well to a stiff mixture
Pour into the greased tin andbake for 40 - 45 minuets at 180c or 160c fan
If not ready check it every 4 mins till it is cooked

serve this cold on its own or with cream or mascarpone cheese, Enjoy!

At the moment with no proper kitchen or storage space all I have available are these round tins but if you have a square cake tin this is best as you can cut the cake into squares, then it goes further!!!!

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