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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Old Fashioned White Plum & Cinnamon Jam

Well lots of plums this year so lots of plummy stuff :-) We have a white plum tree which is delectable, sweet & juicy. Gorgeous to eat off the tree but also makes a wonderful jam to be enjoyed through out the year. The white plums adorn lots of tree's around our village, so we will be scrumping more soon but these are the last fruit from our tree.
So a good recipe for white plum jam, easy & very tasty. Can use red plums too, they like cinnamon .
1kilo or more White Plums
1 kilo or more sugar (use the same weight in sugar as the fruit)
A little water
2 tsp Cinnamon
Put the plums in a large pan with a little water & simmer slowly till they release their stones. Skim out the stones & stir in the sugar. Stir till sugar is dissolved & then add the cinnamon. Boil rapidly for about 10 - 14 mins until jam has set. test on frozen plate. If not yet set then put plate back in the freezer & keep checking every couple of mins.
Easy peasy jam :-) no pectin just an old fashioned method


  1. Oh, thank you! Someone just gave me a bag of white plums!!

  2. Just made some of this and strained the pulp for jelly. In case you are asked it is 2 pounds plums, 2 pounds sugar and the same amount of cinnamon. Wonderful recipe. FYI these are called Erik Plums also known as Canerik plums. Thanks again

    1. THANK YOU for letting me know the name of the plums that I have grown. I was first told it was a cherry tree that I was given, and transplanted to my yard. This year it has yielded copius quantities of White Plums! what a nice surprise!