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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Low fat Vegatable Frittata

I use seasonal vegetables for this quick & filling meal. Its great at the end of a busy or very hot day & can be served with minted new potatoes, potato salad or a refreshing Shopska salad & some lovely fresh bread "-)
The above is made with Courgette mint & tomato

I use fry light instead of oil
8 eggs lightly beaten
Chopped Spring onions
1 large Courgette or small Marrow
Salt & pepper
1 tbsp chopped fresh mint use dried if fresh is not available
1 tbsp fresh Parsley or 1 tsp Parsley dried
2 large Tomatoes sliced
You can use Peppers, mushrooms & add garlic use your imagination but keep it simple :-)
Spray pan with fry light or lightly oil
Fry the onions & courgette over a high heat stir for 8 mins till lightly browned & tender.
Lightly beat eggs & add the mint, parsly, salt & pepper.
Pour mixture over the vegetables & cover.
Cook on a low heat for 15 mins then put uncovered under a medium grill for 5 mins till set & lightly browned
Easy, quick & filling.

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