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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Quiche Lorraine

Everyone loves a quiche, even if its secretly, well unless they don't like cheese or eggs. I love it.
A short crust pastry tart filled with cheese, eggs, bacon, onion (tablet time) & I add peppers for extra flavour. Mmmmm Its difficult to wait for it to cool down enough to eat! In my youth when I first discovered the delight of homemade quiche I had to bake two. One to eat for tea with my husband or guests & one to eat straight out of the oven! LOL honest, how bad is that!!! Now I am more in control & just bake the one. Still one of the best things to add to any party table & will definitely be added to our boxing day table.
220gr Flour
55g Butter
55g Lard
3 tbsp COLD Water
Pinch Salt
In a bowl sift flour with a pinch of salt, Cut up butter & lard into small cubes ( make sure its very cold). Rub in fats till you get soft breadcrumb like mix. Add enough COLD water to form a soft dough. Add water slowly.
Place dough, covered with cling film, in fridge for 30 mins. Meanwhile grease a flan tin & pre heat the oven 230c (210c fan)   Remove from fridge & allow 5 mins them roll out on a floured surface.  Line the flan tin so the pastry is just over the edge. As you lift the pastry carefully fit it into the base & around the edge.  Pinch with your fingers to crimp the sides, as in the photo. It helps if you have a tin with crimped sides but if not you can create this with your forefingers. With a sharp knife held upright trip the edges of the flan case. Chill in fridge again 10 mins. Prick all over the base with a fork & line with baking beans or foil & bake in the oven for 8 mins then remove beans & foil & bake a further 5 mins till pastry is set dry. Reduce oven to 160c (140c fan).

6 slices Bacon cut up
1 onion sliced or 3 heads of Garlic
3 Eggs beaten
12 floz Milk
Pinch salt
5 oz Cheese grated fine
1 tbsp Flour
Fry the onion or garlic in a little oil or fry light. Fry the bacon, but not too much. In a bowl mix milk salt eggs & stir in the bacon & onion mixture. In another bowl mix the cheese with the flour then add it to the milk & bacon. Mix it together very well.
Pour into the pastry case & bake 35 - 40 mins till quiche is set.
Stand for 5 - 10 mins before serving.
Can also be served sliced into individual portions cold
Can also.....
Add tomatoes if you like. Season with black pepper
Sprinkle cheese into the bottom of the case, add sliced tomatoes & sprinkle bacon or ham over the top. Combine egg & milk season & pour over the bacon & cheese. Sprinkle your fav herb over the top (thyme, basil etc) & bake for same amount of time.

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