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Monday, 19 July 2010

Low fat, "Bob Chorba" a Traditional Bulgarian recipe for Green beans

This is a recipe for village Bob Chorba! Bob is the name for beans all beans and anything made with beans.  This recipe can be varied, if you like, by adding other veg or meat but never take anything away! It basically has infinite possibilities & we could probably write a whole recipe book just for Bob! I love it as it is.
I was shown how to make this by my neighbours when I first moved over here, I have omitted the half a frying pan of oil, to make a lighter version.
I do recommend this recipe as it is very filling but light. We have this as both a starter & also a main course with hunks of fresh uncut bread.
BOB CHORBA (Runner bean soup/casserole)
Bob, Green beans, (also white beans if you can get them, although I prefer Green myself)
3 x Carrots
1 x Red Pepper
2 x Tomatoes
Fry light (for a slimming recipe) or 1 tbsp Sunflower Oil, (which will still be healthy)
Salt, optional
Boiling water
1dsp ground Paprika Pepper
1dsp Flour

Chop carrots very small, top tail & string beans if needed. Spray a fry pan with cooking spray/sunflower oil & add salt.
Heat oil & add beans, stir to coat with oil & salt. Stir in the carrots & cover with boiling water, boil for 20 mins.
Cut up the tomatoes & pepper into small pieces & add to the pan, cook for 5 mins, then turn down to a simmer, add a bit more water & for cook 10 mins.
Add Paprika pepper & stir.
Mix flour into some water & stir into Beans, add parsley cook 10 mins.
You can serve it immediately or re heat it later & serve with gorgeous bread of your choice You can serve this as a starter or a main course with grated low fat cheese on top. I prefer it as is.

Green Bob with Marrow or Courgette. Omit carrots add 1 x Med Marrow or 4 x Courgette’s.

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  1. I am so happy I have found your website! As an English lady living in Dubai with a Bulgarian partner, who's true to his amazing national dishes, this is going to prove invaluable and is certainly going to come in handy when I want to impress his friends..!!

    Can't wait to try the Bop recipe today.